A key element of a CSR strategy is its extensive integration into the overall corporate culture. Only if top management is willing to commit to it, will the workforce also support it.

In addition to mission statement workshops, comact therefore provides “CSR coaching” for executives. We see ourselves as a sparring partner for top management and enable the mutual exchange of know-how in the areas of responsibility, sustainability, corporate ethics, value management and social transformation.
We coach you on issues and topics related to social responsibility and address your specific questions in a supportive, confidential framework.
CSR coaching can also take the form of in-house workshops for entire CSR teams, focusing on the basic principles of CSR, terms and definitions or on individual problems and issues.

We offer:

  • Mission Statement Workshops

  • CSR coaching for managers

  • CSR specialist coaching

  • Seminars and training for CR teams

Please contact us if you have any queries about our services!