CSR Web 2.0.

Communication on the Internet takes place - with you or without you, as stakeholders are users and user generate content on the Web.
It is therefore of great importance to inform your stakeholders with suitable content on corporate CSR activities.

Customers, employees, investors, public & media, NGOs, government agencies, suppliers and business partners have different interests but also different channels of information on key topics from the field of CSR such as environmental issues, Corporate Ethics, Ethical consumption, climate change, sustainability and innovation, the company as an attractive employer, values, corporate culture and more.

The discussion about issues of corporate responsibility is taking place today on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter Co – in online magazines, internet portals, platforms, forums, blogs in the form of sponsored stories, postings, etc.


comact supports your company in developing a culture of Corporate Responsibility by involving your stakeholders on social media. Based on the analysis of your stakeholders and their communities, we develop a customized social media strategy for your company:

Our services for CSR content on Web 2.0 include:
• Development of social media strategies for sustainability issues
• Issue management for CSR communication on the web
• Processing of CSR online reports
• CSR content for Websites
• Online Editorial Content CSR / CSR-Storytelling
• Stakeholder / User Analysis
• Advice on drafting of codes of corporate use of SM
as well as
• CSR-Online Reputation Management
• Monthly Online Monitoring
• Digital monitoring of CSR content
• Content Management (technical realization)

If you would like to know about the possibilities of communicating your sustainability issues on Web 2.0, please contact us.